I joined the group late with Yura. As I’m easygoing, I was not intimidated by Sojin and Minah when I first met them. As I am much younger, I felt comfortable being affectionate towards other members.”

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get to know me meme: (3/6) favorite mv concepts » kahi’s it’s me


i want to touch you just once more

First JjongD says with gestures to the fans outside Blue night radio that his face is having some allergic problems and to not upload pics of him today.Than he speaks through the mic saying to upload only pretty pics!



131221 SMWEEK 종현 - 늘 그 자리에(Honesty) ©



i like how his mom is immediately on his side and about to getaway car them off 

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yoon se na outfits(episode 1 & 2)

"Can you not."
— Me, whenever I see Taemin lately. (via wetforjinki)

krystal’s song from my lovely girl

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Taemin (태민) [SHINee] - The 1st Mini Album ‘ACE



minho orders a pizza


” I am a shy person, but when people around me are also shy, I try to be outgoing since I want to be more comfortable with them and get to know them better. But I started to think that’s not right. I’m doing my best to be friendly with them and lighten the mood but for the viewers who see that, they don’t get it. They think, ‘Why is she acting cute around guys?’ And they look at me as if I’m just like that around guys. I hoped they see it positively, but they don’t see it that way. Out of my group, I was the least concerned with those comments but I started to read them more after coming on to Roommate and Style Log. Now, I’m being more exposed on TV, people are seeing my personality and there are a lot of people who can’t get used to my personality and don’t like me. I’m slowly changing. A part of me is being more cautious while there is also a part of me that is becoming more sensitive to how I act. I am only human so I can’t help but feel scared. I’m not brave enough to disregard all that and that’s been my biggest concern lately.

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I can't bring back the past, ever again.